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We have started the "SCHOOL" project. We want to support schools in Ukraine. The first places where we want to provide help are schools in Nachaczów, Drohobycz and Hruszów, where several hundred children learn in terrible conditions every day. The poor condition in the institutions is increasing month by month, with the influx of children fleeing the areas affected by the armed conflict from eastern Ukraine. Schools very often are unable to provide students with a favorable learning environment. They lack water, as well as basic equipment such as benches, chairs, boards, computers and all kinds of teaching aids. Also, most schools do not have real gyms where children can attend PE lessons. Last week, we managed to arrange the first transport to the school in Nachaczew, we managed to collect tables, a computer and partial equipment of the gym on our own. In addition, we purchased school accessories and backpacks for the most needy children. To support our campaign, all you need to do is click on the link below and make a donation to schools in Ukraine.