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BOX for Ukraine

A new project of the Folkowisko Foundation has started. Life Box is a cardboard box filled with food and hygiene products. We prepare LB in our "Embassy of Freedom" in the border town of Cieszanów, as well as in the warehouse of our friendly Stay Safe UA organization in Lviv. During the month of the project, together we managed to prepare 65 LB pallets, which gives a total of over 4,000 boxes. According to our estimates, our Life Boxes helped 16,000 people from eastern Ukraine for just a month. Thanks to our partners, we have reached towns and villages such as Kharkiv (Kharkiv Oblast), Chernihiv (Chernihiv Oblast), Krematorsk (Donetsk Oblast) or Zaporozhye (Zaporizhia Oblast), as well as hundreds of towns and villages in eastern Ukraine. We would like to thank all the people and organizations involved in the project and we assure you that it is not over yet!