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Books not bombs!

The Folkowisko Foundation in its activities also tries not to forget about those whom we met on the border and who have already found a safe place in Poland. Fear and uncertainty visible on the faces of those who were forced to leave their homeland due to the cruelty of war, have left a mark on our hearts as well. We are aware of how difficult it is to find ourselves in a foreign place, in a new school, often without knowledge of the Polish language, but with the baggage of war experiences. We also believe in the healing power of literature - magical worlds that allow one to break away from the visions of bombed cities and longing for your dad, husband or brother who had to stay on the other side of the border.

The aim of the "Books not bombs" initiative is to collect as many Ukrainian-language books as possible and transfer them to Polish schools admitting students from Ukraine, and public libraries. The books will be available for donations organized in selected cities in Ukraine, and will also be purchased with funds obtained as part of financial collection and cooperation with partners. Importantly, our drivers do not drive with empty cars, so we will bring food to Ukraine and take books on the way back. zbiórki finansowej i współpracy z partnerami. Co ważne, nasi kierowcy nie jeżdżą z pustymi samochodami, dlatego do Ukrainy przywieziemy żywność, a w drogę powrotną zabierzemy książki.